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What To Ask Before Deciding On Cat Euthanasia

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What To Ask Before Deciding On Cat Euthanasia

Deciding to give your pet a comfortable and dignified passing is a difficult decision to make. You should know what to ask before deciding on cat euthanasia. You are bound to have many questions and are likely to feel some anxiety about the whole thing. Understanding the process will help reassure you and give you the confidence that dignified pet euthanasia is a compassionate and respectful way for your pet to pass away.

Recognising When The Time for Cat Euthanasia Has Arrived

Knowing what to ask before deciding on cat euthanasia would be best if you also understood some common cat conditions. Cats, like any other animal, are prone to different types of diseases as they grow old. You can manage some of these initially with pain-relieving drugs and other medicines. 

However, eventually, your feline friend’s quality of life will start to suffer as the medications lose their effect or your pet’s condition deteriorates further. Any caring pet owner will reach a point where they can no longer bear to see their friend suffer. It is at this point that you might consider cat euthanasia.

What Happens During the Cat Euthanasia Process?

When it comes to the process of dignified cat euthanasia, it starts with your vet administering a couple of injections. The first of these jabs is to sedate your cat. Often a vet may choose not to administer this sedative if your cat is relaxed. If your cat looks a little anxious, then the vet will undoubtedly give the sedative. The second injection is a dose of Phenobarbital administered intravenously. It acts quickly, and your cat will drift into unconsciousness within a couple of minutes. Shortly after, their heart will stop beating. 

Phenobarbital often causes a cat to twitch slightly or inhale sharply when the drug is administered. It is also possible for your cat to involuntarily urinate or defecate. You certainly need to know this happens before deciding on cat euthanasia. If you do not, then it could come as a surprise and be quite disturbing for you. Rest assured, by the time these involuntary actions take place, your cat will already be unconscious and will be unaware. 

These things are a natural bodily reaction to the body shutting down. Another similar effect is that your cat’s eyes will not shut, and the vet will close the eyes when the process is completed. 

Common Questions To Ask Before Deciding On Cat Euthanasia

Will my cat experience pain during the cat euthanasia process?

Not at all. The word ‘euthanasia’ translates as ‘good death,’ and it is for this reason that dignified pet euthanasia is often the best option for seriously ill pets. 

Where can I have the process done?

Cat euthanasia procedures can be done at the vet’s surgery, or you can choose to have the vet carry it out at your home. Home is often the best place for your cat to pass away as they will be in a familiar location, surrounded by their toys and friends. It also gives you more privacy and time to say goodbye.

Can I be there for the procedure?

You can witness the whole procedure if you wish to do so. It is also fine if you want to leave the vet to do it alone or have a friend or family member be there instead. Everyone’s situation is different, and there is no ‘right’ choice to be made.

Is it a good idea to let my children witness it?

Once again, this is an individual decision, and only you will know what is best. Even if you don’t want your children to be there or feel comfortable about being there, it is a good idea to talk it over with them beforehand. 

What are the costs of cat euthanasia?

Yes, there are costs associated with cat euthanasia. Please feel free to discuss these with your vet before the procedure. This topic is quite delicate considering the procedure involved, so ensure you know the costs. 

What happens to my cat afterward?

Again, you can discuss what happens to your cat afterward. There are various options available to you, and your vet can help you choose if you are not already set on what you want to do with your cat. 


Knowing what to ask before deciding on cat euthanasia is critical. Please get in touch with your vet if you need any more information on dignified cat euthanasia.