Cat Cremation - Making the Final Day Easier

It is difficult to take away the pain you feel after losing a pet. But at least knowing that you do not have to worry about what to do afterwards can make things a little less stressful. Many of our clients - if they have chosen not to bury their feline friend at home - allow us to take their pet away. The gentle process of cat cremation usually follows, after which you can lay your pet to rest.

The cremation of your cat will be carried out by a member of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria (APPCC) or 4 other crematoria not part of APPCC but with utmost service quality accepted by Cloud 9 Vets, ensuring not only careful and respectful handling but the highest standards for the actual cremation. You can talk to the staff about your final wishes for your pet. Everyone is committed to ensuring you receive the service you want.

You may make arrangements through your Cloud 9 Vet in which case we will pass your details to the crematorium or cemetery. They may need to contact you to clarify some information as it is important that we have your exact wishes.

How Cat Cremation Happens

If you do not want to know exactly what happens while your pet is being cremated you can skip to the section below. It is important to note however that your service will include an official recording of:

  • An individual identification
  • Start and end times of the service
  • Chamber number
  • The name of the trusted professional who will be carrying it out

You are free to make arrangements directly with the crematorium or cemetery by arranging a collection from your house or taking your pet to them. You may find that personal contact with the people handling your pet can be very rewarding and gives you the opportunity to inspect the facilities, ask about details and sometimes even attend the cremation process. The choice is yours. Whichever cremation or burial service you choose you can be sure your pet will be handled with the care and respect you would want for any member of your family.

Please feel free to ask us any questions and always be sure you are getting the exact pet cremation service you want. This is very important to us and all our crematoria are committed to this.

Choosing Your Cat Cremation Service

There are two options available - one is communal, the other individual cremation. The reasons that people choose each vary, though thoughts that your pet might like some company, or some privacy, or cat cremation cost - that is to say budget - can all play a role.

In all cases, we recommend choosing that which feels the most comfortable for you.

Individual Cat Cremation

Your pet will be cremated in a solo chamber. This means that all of the ash collected afterwards will be theirs, the ash will be carefully collected and returned to you if you so wish. Otherwise, they can join the many others who have been laid to rest in the grounds of the memorial area at the crematorium.

Communal Pet Cremation

Your pet will be cremated side by side with a number of others. The ash that is collected afterwards cannot be separated. We will respectfully bury them in the grounds of one of the memorial areas connected to the crematorium or cemetery. You will be able to visit your pet's last resting place.

Certificate of Cremation

You will always be provided with a certificate of cremation.

What to Do Now

We have also lost beloved pets and we know that grief can take its toll and should never be underestimated. For this reason, we have relationships with local bereavement counsellors who we will be happy to put you in touch with.

You can also take immediate steps to start the healing process through the creation of a memorial. Take a look at our memorials wall to find out more.



You need to be absolutely sure that when you book a vet home visit that you're going to be getting care from someone that you can count on. You can see below what some of our clients have said about the support that we have given them :

  • Testimonial
    I really like the way that they treat you here. Their pet cremation is just like it is for a person and conducted respectfully throughout. We chose an urn for the mantelpiece. It doesn't make it better but it makes a little easier when everyone is so nice and tries to make everything easy.
    Lisa McCormick
  • Testimonial
    I had my Collie, Pancake, collected and then cremated through Cloud 9 Vets. They were polite and respectful at all times and from the way they spoke I could tell they'd been through something similar themselves. Very nice people, which made it a little easier to get through.
    Olga Rhodes
Talk with Someone Now

We are open between 7am to 8pm, any day of the week. Discuss practicalities such cat cremation cost, or simply talk to one of our understanding Care Coordinators about what you want to happen.