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When is the Right Time For Dog Euthanasia, and Should You Be There When It Happens?

When is the Right Time For Dog Euthanasia?

One of the most challenging decisions a dog owner can face is the one that needs to be made when it comes to considering the right time for dog euthanasia and whether you should be present when it happens. Of course, your Cloud 9 vet can help you make this decision by providing you with advice and information on this delicate issue. This article aims to guide you through some of the more frequently asked questions about dog euthanasia.

What is Dog Euthanasia?

The word euthanasia translates to ‘easy death,’ which is the passing that every dog owner wants for their beloved friend. 

What Happens During the Process?

Your vet will start the process by giving your dog a sedative injection to relax your pet and put them into a drowsy state. When they are settled, the vet will administer the second injection into the dog’s leg. This injection is a barbiturate containing an overdose of anaesthetic. It gently slows your dog’s breathing and heart rates until both stop, and your dog will peacefully pass away.

When Is the Right Time For Dog Euthanasia?

There is never an ideal time for anyone to have to decide on dog euthanasia. However, several guidelines will help you determine when the right time is for this procedure. 

Drastic deterioration of your dog’s quality of life is the primary consideration, and you can monitor your dog’s behaviour and appetite to assess how this is being affected. If your dog has lost its appetite, this could be a sign that they are unwell. They may start to lose their normal bodily functions and become disinterested in the activities they used to enjoy a lot. 

Confusion, restlessness, and stress are also signs that your dog’s quality of life is deteriorating. Inactivity and an apparent disinterest in anything other than sleep or lying down can indicate something is wrong. Worse, if the signs of discomfort are evident, you may have to consider deciding on putting your dog to sleep to prevent them from suffering any further. 

Should You Be Present During Dog Euthanasia?

Only you will know the answer to this question. However, we aim to provide any guidance we can to help you with this challenging decision. There is no decision to be made for some owners, and they know that they must be with their dog right to the end. Others will want to remember their pets living, so they may ask a friend or family member to be there instead. Some of the reasons people give for feeling compelled to stay are the following:

  • Feelings of comfort from witnessing a peaceful end to their dog’s life.
  • Helps with the grieving process.
  • Provides a sense of closure.

Dog Euthanasia In Your Home

Having decided on dog euthanasia, you will want to make the final few days as comfortable as possible. Cloud 9 has professional practitioners trained in palliative care and treatments. They can make your dog’s end of life as comfortable and dignified as possible. The vet can carry out the euthanasia procedure in your home, a place where your dog feels relaxed and comfortable. Your dog’s home is the perfect place for you and your family to say goodbye to your special friend.