A Caring and Respectful Dog Cremation Process

The grief you feel on the day you lose your pet can be overwhelming. Which is why it is often best to have someone else worry about the arrangements for afterwards. Some people who we have helped with their pets choose to bury their canine companion in a favoured spot outside but for most people having the option for us to respectfully take their pet away makes a stressful day just that tiny bit easier to deal with. The caring dog cremation process comes next, and then you will know that they are finally resting peacefully.

The cremation itself will happen at our highly accredited Chapel of Rest. The staff there understand what you are going through and will always gently guide you through the process when you choose to attend.

You can choose to be present or to let us carefully handle things as you prefer. When you select individual cremation we can then return the ashes to you at a convenient time, or if you wish, spread them in the grounds of our peaceful Chapel of Rest.

How Dog Cremation Happens

We understand if you do not want to know the exact details. In this case, feel free to skip to the next section. Do bear in mind though that official recording of your service will include:

  • A personal identification
  • The time that cremation begins and finishes
  • The number of the specific chamber used
  • Details of the name of the caring professional who will be handling proceedings

The actual cremation process will end with the ashes being collected, cooled and then passed through a cremulator. This creates a fine ash. You can choose whether we will return this to you or spread the ashes in the grounds of our Chapel of Rest.

Your Dog Cremation Service - Which Is Best?

You will always want to choose the pet cremation option which feels right to you. We offer both communal and individual services. The main reasons people choose one or the other often comes down to whether they think their pet would prefer some company, whether they want to recover the ashes, or even dog cremation costs.

Individual Dog Cremation

The individual pet cremation option allows us to collect the ashes from the single chamber afterwards knowing that it all belongs to your pet. You can then collect the ashes for spreading in a favoured place or allow us spread them for you, if you so wish.

Communal Pet Cremation

Communal pet cremation involves your pet and a small number of others. The ash cannot be separated at the end but is instead spread in the calming grounds of our Chapel of Rest. You can attend personally if you wish.

Certificate of Cremation

Please request a certificate of cremation if you need one or would like one

What To Do Once It Is Over

We are animal lovers and we have lost pets ourselves. Grief counselling can be beneficial for many people and we have strong ties with local bereavement counsellors should you feel you need their services, the grief of losing a loved pet should not be underestimated.

We also maintain our memorials wall. This is also a great way to deal with the loss of you loved pet.



You need to be absolutely sure that when you book a vet home visit that you're going to be getting care from someone that you can count on. You can see below what some of our clients have said about the support that we have given them :

  • Testimonial
    I really like the way that they treat you here. Their pet cremation is just like it is for a person and conducted respectfully throughout. We chose an urn for the mantelpiece. It doesn't make it better but it makes a little easier when everyone is so nice and tries to make everything easy.
    Lisa McCormick
  • Testimonial
    I had my Collie, Pancake, collected and then cremated through Cloud 9 Vets. They were polite and respectful at all times and from the way they spoke I could tell they'd been through something similar themselves. Very nice people, which made it a little easier to get through.
    Olga Rhodes
Make Arrangements or Just Discuss the Process

Talk to someone about your loss and make arrangements for the next step whenever you need to - we are here between 7am to 8pm, 7 days a week. Discuss the practical aspects such as when you want your service to happen or the dog cremation costs you should expect, or tell us what you need from your service. We will always try and make it happen in the easiest way.