Your Worry Free Vets for Pet Cremation

You may prefer to allow us to carefully and respectfully arrange a cremation after an in-home euthanasia. We use pet crematoriums that are members of the APPCC Code of Practice and selected other crematoria with utmost quality of service, all independently inspected to verify they meet all the the stringent requirements of Cloud 9 Vets. We will need to pass your details to them and they may need to contact you to clarify your wishes.

However, the choice is yours. You may make your own arrangements, contact the crematorium yourself, arrange to take your pet to the crematorium or have a collection from your home. Your Cloud 9 Vet will discuss the options with you. We know how difficult it is to think about these matters and you will be given the time you need to decide on the service you want for your pet.

Many pet crematoriums allow you to witness the cremation, if that is your wish. You will need to arrange an appointment time with the crematorium. Do not worry about asking too many questions. They are used to it and will have nothing to hide. In a properly conducted pet cremation service there are no gruesome details, just reassurance that your pet has the funeral service you want.

Your Local Vets For Pet Cremation

All of the pet cremation services that our partners provide are handled with care and respect from start to finish and are documented every step of the way. If you do not want any further details of the cremation process just skip to "What Pet Cremation Services Do We Offer", otherwise please keep reading:

After the cremation is over, the ashes are cooled and collected. Individual cremation remains are passed through a device called a cremulator which creates a fine ash. The fine ash is then collected, ready to be returned to you or if you wish, spread in the crematorium's memorial area.


What Pet Cremation Services Do We Offer?

You can choose between two main options for pet cremation. One is the individual cremation of your pet, the other communal. The aftercare service provides dignified standards of care and respect, from the time of collection, through the cremation, to the return of the ashes (following an individual cremation.) The right choice of cremation is simply the one, which feels right for you.

What To Do Afterwards

As pet owners who have previously faced bereavement ourselves, we have found that having access to specially trained bereavement counsellors can be useful. That is why we maintain relationships with several local counsellors.

We have also found that being able to take some steps to create a memorial to your pet can be therapeutic, which is why we can help you choosing the best memorial wall.


You need to be absolutely sure that when you book a vet home visit that you're going to be getting care from someone that you can count on. You can see below what some of our clients have said about the support that we have given them :

  • Testimonial
    I really like the way that they treat you here. Their pet cremation is just like it is for a person and conducted respectfully throughout. We chose an urn for the mantelpiece. It doesn't make it better but it makes a little easier when everyone is so nice and tries to make everything easy.
    Lisa McCormick
  • Testimonial
    I had my Collie, Pancake, collected and then cremated through Cloud 9 Vets. They were polite and respectful at all times and from the way they spoke I could tell they'd been through something similar themselves. Very nice people, which made it a little easier to get through.
    Olga Rhodes
Talk About the Process or Make Arrangements

Get any further information you might want by giving us a call at your convenience. We are standing by to help and are open between 7am to 8pm, 7 days a week, so it is always a good time to get in touch - either to book, or ask any questions that you might have.