Cat Euthanasia Service Throughout The UK

Cat euthanasia at home is the peaceful way to send off your feline friend. There is no need to force them into a cat carrier or car, they will be able to stay calm and relaxed in a familiar and comfortable environment, with you and the rest of your family there to offer love and support.

We will always discuss which methods will best suit your and your pet's needs and wishes and we can provide you with as much information as you wish at your request.

Some of our clients are concerned about how much cat euthanasia costs - we always strive to provide an option which prioritises the comfort of your pet in their final hours without adding an unnecessary burden to your wallet. The only time when we add anything extra onto your bill will be when you need an Emergency Vet during unsociable hours. This is because we need to keep one of our Caring Vets on-call at all hours.

Putting a Cat to Sleep - How It Happens

Putting a cat to sleep can happen in several ways. Many of the people we work for prefer not to know the details, but if you you want to know more please read on:

The main thing to remember is that your cat will not feel any pain. They may notice a little pinprick as the sedative is administered, we do not need to shave any of their fur. The effects of the sedative will be noticed instantly in most cases, but for some unusually robust , dehydrated or ill cats it can take a little longer. The second injection, which contains anaesthetic, will only be given when your cat is already in a deep sleep. This helps them to pass away gently without realising it is happening.

When you choose to put your cat to sleep at home you are avoiding all of the negative aspects of doing it in a veterinary clinic. Your cat will be relaxed, can even be in their own bed if they want to be, and they will not need to have any stressful intravenous injections. In the end, they will simply be going to sleep for the last time.

The cost of putting a cat to sleep will not change depending on the method which you prefer.

Who Will Be Helping You With Your Cat Euthanasia at Home?

Putting a cat down is never be a decision to be taken lightly. It is always important to know that the Caring Vet who arrives to assist you is:

  • Fully qualified and trained
  • Highly experienced in helping families and their pets
  • Able to determine your pet's quality of life, and when it's necessary to act

If you have any questions about the process whatsoever, you can ask them when you call us or when your Caring Vet arrives. We have lost much-loved pets ourselves and will understand that sometimes you simply want it to be over, while other times you need as much information about pet euthanasia as you can possibly get.

One of the questions we are most often asked is "how much does it cost to put a cat down?". Your at-home cat euthanasia is rarely going to cost you anything more than a visit to a veterinary clinic would and is always much easier for you and for your beloved pet.


You need to be absolutely sure that when you book a vet home visit that you're going to be getting care from someone that you can count on. You can see below what some of our clients have said about the support that we have given them :

  • Testimonial
    My little Latte was ill for a long time but choosing to put her to sleep was still one of the most difficult things I've had to do. The vet you sent helped me to come to terms with how much she was hurting and helped arrange for her little body to be cremated afterwards too. I can't imagine having another pet after Latte but if I ever did and they needed such help I'd go to Cloud 9 Vets.
    Marlene Harrison
  • Testimonial
    We always said that when it was time for our Moxie to go we'd have her laid to rest at home where she could be comfortable. Being able to do that made it at least a little bit more like we'd planned it. She went quietly and without any pain and I held her paw the whole time so she knew we were with her. A beautiful service.
    Marjorie and Neil Scott
Making Arrangements

You can call and speak to one of our Care Coordinators at your convenience. We make putting a cat down at home respectful, peaceful and easy to arrange. Our phone lines are open between 7am and 8pm, 7 days a week.
For appointments today or tomorrow please call us now.