Peaceful Pet Euthanasia at Home

Gentle pet euthanasia at home is the perfect way to softly say goodbye to your closest animal friends.

Even when you know that your pet's quality of life is very poor it can still be incredibly difficult to send them on. We know this all too well - we have loved and lost our own pets, so we understand how even the thought of making this decision can be a cause of grief, anxiety and even guilt.

But we also know, from many years of experience, that your treasured companion will pass much more peacefully, in their home surrounded by their family.

The Person Who Will Be Helping You and Your Pet

As animal lovers ourselves, the Vet we send to you will understand exactly what you are going through. They will also have:

Professional training and qualifications

Years of experience helping families and their pets

Everything required to come out and visit you whenever you need them to

The ability and compassion to help you decide when it is time to intervene

It will be their job to support you throughout the process, to answer any questions that you may have and to guide you and your pet through the painful decision-making process to make it as gentle as possible.

We know it does not always happen when you expect it to

Life threatening or critical situations do not always occur during convenient hours, on the contrary, that is why we provide mobile pet euthanasia as and when you need it - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need to do is call and talk to us about your situation. We can almost always dispatch a properly prepared vet to you very quickly in cases of emergency.

As I am sure you can imagine, we do apply out-of-hours fees if you need us during late evening and during the night. Hopefully you understand that this is because we need to keep qualified Caring Vets on call at all times, ready to come and assist you or your pet at home.

You do not need to be registered with us in order to call on us for our dedicated at home services.

How Does Pet Euthanasia Work?

Many people prefer to simply know that their beloved friend will feel no pain. If you want to know more, however, you can find links to the information below and you can always talk to our Care Coordinators and Mobile Vets.

In all cases, the first stage of any pet euthanasia treatment will involve the administering of a sedative. After this tiny pinprick, your pet will be calm and feel nothing else. It really is a gentle and pain-free ending, you can hold their paw throughout if you would like to, which is often thought to be a respectful way to say goodbye.

You can decide whether or not you would like to be present for the procedure, exactly where you would like it to take place and you are encouraged but certainly not forced, to ask specific or general questions you may have about what actually happens..

After Your Pet Has Passed Away

When our Vet has checked vital signs such as heart activity and reflexes and ensured that your pet has passed away - we will help you make arrangements for your deceased pet to be either taken by us to our affiliated, highly accredited pet crematorium, or leave them with you to perhaps find a favourite spot in the garden.


You need to be absolutely sure that when you book a vet home visit that you're going to be getting care from someone that you can count on. You can see below what some of our clients have said about the support that we have given them :

  • I want to thank you and everyone at Cloud 9 Vets for organising the Gentle Euthanasia for my cat Shelley and the post mortem and cremation afterwards. It removed a great deal of stress for her & for us, and she passed away quickly & peacefully in her own bed at home. Please thank the vet for driving 2 hours to our home on a Sunday to do this, and also for driving Shelley’s body the same evening to the animal hospital for the post mortem. All of you have been kind, sensitive and professional, and I am grateful for all your help.
    Chiu Mei Au-Yeung
  • Found these guys by chance and they came out on a Sunday evening to put our family dog to sleep. Excellent service, vet wonderfully compassionate, no anxiety, cannulation or pain, gentle drift to sleep, whole family there to see him off as he layed in my parents arms in front of the fire. They made a heart wrenching situation as good as it could be. Can't prise enough or recommend more highly
    Lisa Tanner
  • Thank you very much for the way you treated my daughter Rosa when you came to collect Floppy. It was a big day for her and the whole thing was made much easier by your attitude and understanding. Thanks again.
    Ann Johnston
  • Talking with someone about Paco's condition without having to take him miles to the vet was really great. I can't speak highly enough of the knowledge of the person who came. I would suggest this to anyone in a similar position.
    Tim Bishop
  • Abel's unexpected passing was difficult enough, so to do away with the worries of how to care for him afterwards was a real godsend. We called very late at night but they still sent someone - it did cost a little more because we hadn't registered but I would pay more for a service like this.
    Brian and Jessica Henry
  • Learning to say goodbye to Socks and Mittens took a long time but I am grateful to Jeremy for the ongoing visits and care he provided. The advice and tea and chats we shared about how they'd be feeling in themselves made it easier to understand. I really can't thank him enough.
    Carol Jefferson
Booking Gentle At Home Pet Euthanasia

Because we understand that sometimes you may need assistance in the small hours or late in the evening, we provide 24-hour phone support with our in house pet euthanasia service. One phone call is all you need to make. We make all of the arrangements for you without any further stress or worry.
For an appointment today or tomorrow, please call us.