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What You Must Understand About Cat Euthanasia
April 15, 2021
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Putting Down An Aggressive Dog

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Putting down an aggressive dog

Putting Down An Aggressive Dog may be the only thing left to consider, but it still is an incredibly challenging decision to make. Dealing with an aggressive dog’s behaviour will make the owner emotional, frustrated and can be a financial burden. In some cases, the only solution is to consider dog euthanasia. 

Your Options For Dealing With An Aggressive Dog

Before you decide upon euthanasia, you should consider the other options available:

  • Accept your dog’s behaviour and manage it appropriately. 
  • Rehome your dog.
  • Rehabilitate your dog.
  • Consider dog euthanasia.

Vets will consider every other option before recommending dog euthanasia. Your aggressive dog needs to have extensive tests to ensure that its behaviour is not caused by pain. It is unlikely that you’ll be able to sort your dog’s aggressive behaviour in a single visit to your vet. A visit to the vet’s surgery might even cause your dog more anxiety and increase its aggressive behaviour. 

Risk Assessment

Of course, not all aggressive behaviour is the same, and you can remedy it in some dogs easier than others. Before you decide on dog euthanasia, you should consider the following:

  • What is the extent of your dog’s aggressive behaviour?
  • How frequently does it occur?
  • Is the behaviour dangerous to people or other animals?
  • Are there any particular triggers that lead your dog to bite?

You also might consider these factors:

  • Dog Size. Larger dogs tend to be euthanised more than smaller breeds. The reason is that larger dogs have the potential to cause more significant injuries than smaller ones.
  • Aggressive Behavioural Traits. Certain breeds have predispositions for aggressive behaviour. These breeds include Dobermans, German Shepherds, Pitbulls, and Rottweilers. 
  • Genetic Abnormalities. Improper breeding can cause genetic abnormalities in a dog that can result in aggressive behaviour. 
  • Lack of Socialisation. If your dog is unaccustomed to interacting with other dogs or humans, it can become aggressive. 
  • Medical History. Medications and diet can influence a dog’s temperament. 

Gentle At-Home Euthanasia

Your vet has no obligation to put your dog to sleep unless you specifically ask them to do so. You will need to convince your vet that they’re proceeding ethically to resolve a pressing issue. Sadly, dog euthanasia is the only solution for dealing with aggressive behaviour in a dog.

Should you have to, conducting dog euthanasia in your home is the best course. Cloud 9 Vets have years of experience, and they never need to resort to using muzzles to retrain your pet. They ensure that your dog remains calm and relaxed throughout the procedure. 

The procedure involves giving your pet a sedative to relax them and put them into a deep sleep. Once your dog is relaxed, the vet will give  it a second injection which will gently slow the heart and let your dog pass away relaxed and unaware of the procedure. 

We’ll provide you with all the help and support you need during this traumatic time. Contact us today to speak with one of our highly trained, fully qualified, and caring professionals.