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What You Must Understand About Cat Euthanasia

What You Must Understand About Cat Euthanasia

What You Must Understand About Cat Euthanasia

There are several that you must understand about cat euthanasia before going through with it. Having an understanding of the process will help you cope with the enormity of the decision, and the grievance that follows. 

What you should know from the start is that compassionate cat euthanasia is very often the best option for your pet. It is much better to give your cat a dignified end of life than allow them to suffer in pain by prolonging their life. Here is what you must understand about cat euthanasia. 

Common Signs Your Cat Is Feeling Distressed 

Cats will naturally try to conceal their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, so you will struggle to notice them feeling distressed. They do this as protection from falling victim to predators. Nobody knows your cat like you do, so you are best positioned to notice any small changes in their behaviour. Here are the easiest signs to look out for that indicate possible distress:

  • Drastic changes in eating habits.
  • Temperament changes.
  • Sleeping patterns disturbed.
  • Much less or more vocal.

If you are concerned that your cat may be sick, injured, or is displaying any signs of distress, consider taking them to the vet. 

Why Might You Consider Cat Euthanasia?

Cat euthanasia only becomes an option when it is clear your pet is suffering and their quality of life has deteriorated. Cats can live up to around twenty years, but they become more prone to serious illnesses as they age. Even following a chronic illness diagnosis they can appear fit and healthy. 

However, when their quality of life reduces to a certain level, it is time to think about ending their suffering. To get an objective assessment, it’s advisable to consult your vet regarding your cat’s quality of life

Unless your cat has suffered a serious injury and it is obvious that they are suffering uncontrollably, you will want to think carefully about cat euthanasia. Your vet is likely to be your first point of contact to assess the cat’s medical condition and quality of life. You may also wish to discuss your decision with friends and family. Ultimately, the decision to do what’s best for your pet comes down to you and your understanding of cat euthanasia. 

What is the Cat Euthanasia Process?

The process is quick and painless. Your vet will administer an anaesthetic injection to your cat to sedate them. When your pet is sleeping, they will receive a second injection which will gently stop their heart. 

Where To Get The Procedure Done?

You can choose to have the procedure done in the vet’s surgery. However, many owners want their cat to spend its final moments at home. Cat euthanasia at home allows them to be in familiar surroundings, with friends and family there.

Having the vet come to your home will remove the stress of going to the vet surgery where other pets and dogs will be present. Many people find a home visit from your vet as the most dignified place for cat euthanasia. 

Should You Stay For The Procedure 

It is entirely your decision whether to stay for the procedure, and there is no right or wrong answer. Some people find it too distressing, so ask a friend or relative to be there. Any signs of distress you show can be transmitted to your pet. Therefore, if you feel you may suffer visible or audible grief, it might be best to be out of sight and earshot of your cat. 

If you have an queries about understanding compassionate cat euthanasia at home, get in touch with your nearest Cloud 9 Vet today.