Safe Cat Pain Relief and Quality of Life Consultations

You need to know that your cat is still enjoying their life without suffering, even when old age or illness have started to take their toll. This convenient option gives you easy access to geriatric and palliative pet medicine in your own home, including cat pain relief and a gentle in-house examination. As cat lovers, we know you will be happiest when you are confident that your feline friend is still going about their life as happy as they have always been.

We examine your cat's mental as well as physical health to make sure that they can continue to get the most out of their life. If your cat companion has received a terminal diagnosis or in cases when you believe that old age is causing your cat discomfort, we can start to work with you to provide the care they need in the comfort of their own home.

Your Cat Pain Relief Consultation

First things first. We will send one of our Caring Vets to your home to examine your cat to see how they are. Do not worry - shy or overly aggressive cats do not present any problem for us.

After your cat has been assessed it is time to talk about the future. We can talk to you about how to improve their quality of life, about pet painkillers and other pet pain relief options if they are suffering. We can then create a plan to ensure they can still enjoy life as much as possible right up until the end.

What Will At-Home Pain Relief Mean For You?

Transporting your cat to your local veterinary practice usually means a whole lot of stress for them - which they certainly do not need when they are already in pain. This is just one of the advantages and reasons why we provide in-house quality of life consultation. The others include:

  • Easy access to pet medication to alleviate their discomfort
  • Guidance as to the warning signs to look for as their illness, age or condition progresses
  • Assessment of all of your cat's needs - dietary, physical, mental...
  • Getting the advice you need to adjust to your cat's new needs in your very own home

What Kind of Cat Painkillers Do We Prescribe in the UK?

We prescribe a wide range of cat pain relief options depending on your cat's age, condition and a variety of other factors. These can include medication such as Metacam, Vetergesic, Amoxicillin, and many others.

Your consultation will also take care of:

  • Wound treatment
  • Any infections
  • Stimulating their dietary intake or mental functions
  • Managing pain

Plus, our Caring Mobile Vets will then be available to discuss your pet's developing condition with you as and when you need them - our phone line is open between 7am and 8pm, 7 days a week.

Problems specific to cats

Cats present unique challenges when it comes to ensuring their quality of life because:

  • Cats routinely disguise when they are in pain, it is a survival strategy
  • There are a limited number of cat painkillers available in the UK which are safe and effective
  • The signs that a cat is in pain can be very subtle

Being able to consult a caring person with experience in the field will make it much easier determine whether changes in their behaviour - their diet, attitude, willingness to interact, and so on - are normal or a result of pain or illness.


You need to be absolutely sure that when you book a vet home visit that you're going to be getting care from someone that you can count on. You can see below what some of our clients have said about the support that we have given them :

  • Testimonial
    When Ricky was diagnosed with cancer, I really didn't know how long we'd have left. I could tell just by looking at him sometimes that he was in pain. I found this checklist and it really provided very helpful information. I took Ricky to a vet and thanks to the checklist I already knew what to ask the vet. Thankfully he told me that Ricky can live a little longer with pain medications before his life conditions deteriorate. When the time comes I know I will call Cloud 9 Vets to put Ricky to sleep.
    Paul Benson
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