Your Final Gift and Goodbye - Gentle Pet Euthanasia At Home in Stockport

Sometimes, choosing when to say goodbye - knowing that you will be relieving your animal companion from constant pain - is the last great gift you can give them. We make sure that you and your pet get the support you both need every step of the way. Getting pet euthanasia at home is the first part of this:


Your pet will be the most comfortable and relaxed in their own bed or in a comfortable spot on the floor or sofa. Much more than they would be after a stressful trip to their local veterinary centre to face cold steel tables and the noises of other animals in distress. We find that in many cases a suffering pet will not even notice that our caring home visit vet is present until they start their gentle examination. This pet quality of life consultation is one of the earliest steps involved in putting a dog down or putting a cat to sleep and will help you to be absolutely sure that there is nothing else which can be done to alleviate their pain.

The actual process of pet euthanasia in home is completely free from any further pain or discomfort for your pet. They will simply notice the tiny pinprick of the initial injection. This sends them to sleep, after which a larger injection of anaesthetic happens. This means that they will simply be resting with their favourite things, sure in the knowledge that they are supported by you and any other members of your family who may wish to be there.

If you need to know more, please pick up the phone and speak to us. Our animal-loving team are more than used to answering questions about the process we follow, about cat euthanasia costs and the cost of putting a dog to sleep and how to make the final, impossible decision itself. Discuss anything from cat or dog euthanasia costs to approaches to concerns about your animal companion's comfort with us at any time. Our caring support advisors are always here to help you.

Secure the Most Effective Pet Pain Relief in Stockport

Over-the-counter pet pain relief medication is rarely the best solution if your animal companion is suffering. Why not ask for one of our caring and experienced home visit vets to come to your home in person? They will be able to carefully assess your pet's health and prescribe the most suitable pain relief for dogs and cats. Depending on your pet's specific needs, they may also suggest alterations to their diet or exercise regimes which may alleviate some or all of their discomfort.

For further advice relating to pain relief for cats and dogs, why not give one of our friendly advisors a call? There is no obligation to use us afterwards. You will simply get clear recommendations on what to do next should you be worried about your animal companion's comfort.

Pet Cremation in Stockport - A Peaceful Final Farewell

Pet cremation is the way which many people choose for their sadly departed animal companion to take their final journey. Our local pet chapel of rest is surrounded by lovely grounds in which we conduct ceremonies for the spreading of ashes after animal cremation. If you, like many of those we support during difficult times, wish to have the ashes returned to you, do be sure to choose solo dog cremation or cat cremation. We can only guarantee that the ashes belong wholly to your pet after a single ceremony, while our group option allows you a respectful service with a reduced pet cremation cost.

Peaceful Pet Euthanasia at Home

Pet Cremation

If there is anything further we can do to support or reassure you at this time, please do contact us and let us know. You will always find one of our support advisors here and happy to assist you.

Pet Memorials in Stockport For Every Bond and Memory

You will always have the loving time you spent in each other's company to hold dear. But sometimes, having a physical marker of their memory can help. As animal lovers who have experienced loss, we understand this all too well. Take a look at our pet memorials if you are looking for marker stones, containers for ashes or other items which will help you remember with fondness the bond you and your animal companion shared.

We offer pet memorials to suit every budget and almost any need. If you do not see what you are looking for, please do get in touch with us directly.

Talk to Someone About Putting Down a Cat or Dog

We know that this can be an extremely difficult decision to make, which is why we make sure you are supported every step of the way. Talk to someone about the decision itself, arrange to have an examination of your pet carried out in your own home, or ask a question about practical aspects - such as how much does it cost to euthanize a dog.

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