Cat and Dog Euthanasia in Rochester Giving You a Peaceful Goodbye

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Cloud 9 Vets are animal lovers who want to make sure your pets stay happy and healthy even during times of terminal illness or old age. Get an at-home quality of life consultation from us to see if their pain can be managed. Then when the end arrives, know that we provide cat and dog euthanasia in Rochester МЕ that allows you to say goodbye at home, in the place that you have shared your lives together.


Cats, dogs, rabbits, and many other varieties of pets can all be treated by the Caring Vet who we will send to help you. They can start with a careful examination in your house, so you will not need to put your ailing pet through the trauma of a trip to the vet’s clinic.

Pet Euthanasia in Rochester Delivered At Home

When the time has come and no more can be done to alleviate your pet's pain, cat euthanasia or putting a dog to sleep at home is the gentler, more caring way to proceed. Surrounded by a familiar environment and their loving family, they will be able to pass on calmly. Let us talk you through any part of the process you need to know more about.

Pet Cremation Services in Rochester ME

After your pet has passed on you usually need time to deal with things, so we are able to provide a caring removal for them. Putting a dog down at home or putting your feline friend to sleep in this way is usually the gentlest way to proceed. We then make the following steps as easy as possible with our highly accredited and very peaceful chapel of rest for pet cremation.

Peaceful Pet Euthanasia at Home

Pet Pain Relief and Quality of Life Consultation in Rochester

We can send a trained Caring Vet to your home to examine your pet and make sure their pain can be managed in an effective way. Your Vet can advise you about the quality of life your pet will experience, and can also advise on when it is time to intervene to euthanize your dog at home when the other option is constant pain or suffering.

Pet Memorials in Rochester ME

Part of the mourning process is usually creating a memorial for the departed. After having your dog put to sleep at home we can help you choose the right stone or plaque, and publish a tribute to them online.

Cloud 9 Vet Services are Currently Not Available in Rochester - Please email us and we'll notify you when we open.