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Pet euthanasia can be the only alternative for your pet to a life lived in constant agony. From one point of view, it is an impossible decision to have to make - sure to break your heart whatever you decide. But from another viewpoint, it is the last great act you can do for your beloved animal companion. The last gift you can give them - to take away their pain.


Cloud 9 Vets is entirely comprised of animal lovers and pet owners. Many of us have come face to face with this situation ourselves, so we fully understand the conflicting emotions you will be feeling at this time. For this reason, we have found it is always best to get all of the information you can before proceeding. Here is when we provide our option for a pet quality of life consultation. This will let you know if there is any alternative to putting a dog down or putting a cat to sleep - anything which could improve their day-to-day living to an extent where they are not continually suffering. This consultation happens in the safety of your own home. You do not need to transport your pet anywhere. This allows them to feel secure and comfortable. This is also the reason why we perform pet euthanasia in your own home too - so your pet experiences no unnecessary stress. And no pain whatsoever. Ask us any questions you might have about the painless procedure we follow, or about the cost of putting a dog to sleep or associated cat euthanasia costs whenever you feel the need to. We understand that sometimes getting more information is the only way you can take another step forward, so please do not hesitate to tell us how we can help, ask what will happen, or to inquire about cat or dog euthanasia costs at any time.

The Easy Way to Locate the Right Pet Pain Relief in Northampton NN

Knowing is often half the battle. But knowing when a beloved animal member of your family is suffering can be difficult - even when you know them as closely as you do. Even domesticated animals will often seek to conceal signs of weakness from predators, even if those predators do not actually exist. It is for this reason we always prefer to start your pet pain relief diagnosis and prescription with an in-home quality of life consultation. Neither you nor your pet will need to leave the comfort of your own home, and by having the consultation take place there, we can consider every part of your pet's life: The way they eat. When and where they want to exercise. Where they sleep. All aspects which might be able to be altered to take into account any new condition which they might have developed, or the stresses and pains of extreme age. After your consultation, we can prescribe changes to those conditions as well as the correct pain relief for dogs and cats in the form of the latest medication. You can also come to us when you need to fulfil a prescription made by another pet care professional, but we only prefer to fill prescriptions made by those we know in the local area and who we trust to have done the job right. The animal-loving Cloud 9 Vets team is here to help you whenever you need to ask a few questions about changes to your pet's diet, sleeping patterns or desire for exercise which can indicate that they are in pain. Please do contact us for a chat over the phone at your convenience. We can assist you by providing information about what pain relief for cats and dogs can do for your pet, or advise when a personal examination might be the best way to proceed.

Peaceful Pet Euthanasia at Home

Considering Peaceful Pet Cremation in Northampton NN

You may have relied on us to help your pet in their final days. You may not. We are still happy to help you with the respectful transport of your animal companion to their final resting place. We have a local pet chapel of rest which is finely appointed, and which has lovely grounds where we often hold ceremonies for the spreading of ashes once pet cremation has taken place. You can come and visit the chapel itself at any time, before or after you have decided to use us for animal cremation - we will be happy to show you around. We have a fully accredited facility, suitable for both cat and dog cremation and able to meet your needs for either single or group services. We have found that many people prefer a single service when they want to have the ashes of their dearly departed returned to them. Others choose group dog or cat cremation when budget is a factor or when they wish their animal companion to have a little company on their last journey. You can ask us any questions which you might have about the process itself, about pet cremation costs, or about how we can fit in with what you need in general, at any time. Please call at your convenience.

Pet Memorials in Northampton NN Meeting Your Needs For Remembrance

Your pet was a member of your family in everything but name. Deciding how to memorialise them after they have sadly passed away can be as difficult as it is for any human companion. Because we know this feeling all too well - being animal lovers and pet owners ourselves - we have collected a small selection of items which we hope will fit in with what you had in mind for pet memorials. Searching through the offerings of various shops, particularly in person, is usually the last thing that you will want to do at a time like this. We have been there ourselves, and understand. If you cannot see anything which looks suitable amongst our range, please do give us a call. We can often locate the right items or point you towards places you can find them easily without you needing to add to your stress and unhappiness levels. If we can be of assistance through any part of your bereavement, from finding pet memorials to talking to someone about your grief, please do reach out to us.

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