Pet Euthanasia at home in Liverpool. Helping You Say Goodbye with compassion.

When the end of your pet's life is near and they're suffering, sometimes giving them the gift of a gentle end can be the last thing that you can do for them. Pet euthanasia, especially when it's delivered in your home as it is with us, is a caring and compassionate process for your pet. You can be there to say goodbye throughout, and even hold their paw if you wish to so that they know that you're there.


Our care coordinators at Cloud 9 Vets Liverpool will guide you through the process and help answer any questions you may have about the process. We cover a wide area in Liverpool and the surrounding area, including Bootle, Crosby, Prescot, Formby, Ormskirk and more, and are open from 7am - 8pm, seven days a week.

Helping your through the process

Putting a dog down or putting a cat to sleep is completely painless for your pet. Firstly, they receive an injection which makes them unconscious, and only once they are actually asleep do they receive the final anaesthetic which sends them on their way. There's no need to put them through the discomfort and distress of any shaving while they're awake. All they'll know is the first tiny pinprick, and that you're there to support them.

Your caring home visit vet will come and visit you in your home first. This lets your pet remain in the place where they've had all of their happiest memories - without the need for them to struggle through the journey down to your local veterinary centre. Your Vet will always carefully assess their condition before going ahead with any pet euthanasia.

Pet Pain Relief in Liverpool Through a Holistic Approach

How do you know when your pet is suffering? When you know them well, changes in the amount they want to eat or the amount of exercise they seek can be obvious. For some pets though, particularly cats, the need to hide the pain they're in is a biological imperative which can make their distress difficult to spot. If you suspect that your pet is suffering, or they've recently been diagnosed with a serious medical condition or need palliative care, Cloud9Vets makes getting the right pet pain relief easy. You'll meet with one of our helpful and experienced home visit vets in your home. They'll be able to assess every part of your pet's life, including environment as well as existing conditions, as they create a diet and exercise regime - this can often be to recommend less diet and less exercise, of course - and prescribe the correct medication. Your pet's medication will be chosen from the huge array of specially designed pain relief for dogs and specialist pain relief for cats which we have available. We also do not rely on a treatment solely delivered through medication. Need to know more about the process or the pet pain relief we can prescribe? Talk to one of our friendly support team now. As current or former pet owners and undoubted animal lovers themselves, they'll be more than happy to advise you on getting the best care for your pet. They'll also be able to arrange for one of our caring home visit vets to visit you at the most convenient possible time.

Pet Cremation in Liverpool That's Easy to Arrange

Pet cremation is likely the last thing on your mind immediately after the passing of your dearly departed animal companion. But soon enough, the practicalities of what happens next will intrude on the grieving process. We've found that this makes it wise to plan ahead. If you need to be absolutely sure that your pet will be both cared for and respectfully treated, and that the process will be completely stress-free for you, please talk to us about arranging animal cremation. You'll find that we're always happy to help you, whether you've relied on us for caring pet euthanasia or not. Every member of our team is an animal lover and pet owner of longstanding, so they'll know exactly how you're feeling at this time. You can opt for either group or solo cat cremation or dog cremation at our fully accredited pet chapel of rest. We'll be glad to accommodate whichever you prefer, but you'll understand that we can only return your pet's ashes to you if you've chosen the solo option. Otherwise, we simply can't guarantee that the ashes are your pet's alone. Spreading of group ashes takes place in our chapel grounds in a ceremony which we invite you to attend. Ask us any questions you might have about the respectful process we follow or about pet cremation costs at any time.

Peaceful Pet Euthanasia at Home

Your Choice of Pet Memorials in Liverpool

All kinds of pet memorials are readily available. But choosing one which says everything you want to say can be almost impossible. This is especially true when you're trying to come to terms with your loss at the same time. That's why we've brought together a range of different memorials for pets, from simple stone markers and headstones to tasteful trays and urns. Whatever you have in mind to memorialise your beloved animal companion, we've tried to find something that will meet your needs. There's no need to have a distressing Internet search or trek around your local town. Here you'll find a selection of the very best choices, from something simple on upwards. If you have something special in mind, or simply want to talk to us about creating a memorial in general, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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