Saying Goodbye On Their Terms - Pet Euthanasia at home in Ipswich and Suffolk

If your animal companion lives their day-to-day life in minute-to-minute pain, then sometimes giving them a gentle and easy final journey is the last thing that you can do to help them. By making the almost impossible decision to go ahead with pet euthanasia you are helping them to escape a life which is nothing but suffering. Even if in your heart, nothing feels further from the truth.


By choosing to go ahead with putting your dog or cat to sleep in your own home you are also helping them make that final journey without any additional pain or stress. There's no need for them to go outside, potentially transported in some cage to your local veterinary clinic. In fact, we have found that many of the animal companions we care for at the end of their lives are not even aware that one of our caring and helpful Mobile Vets has entered their home. They will only experience a tiny pinprick of an injection. After this, they are asleep. You can be present the entire time to keep them happy and content. And they will know that they are surrounded with love and affection as well as all of their favourite sights and sounds and smells. Pet euthanasia can feel like a huge weight of a decision to have to carry. As animal lovers and pet owners ourselves, many of whom have come face to face with a similar situation, we understand. You can ask your Vet to perform a full pet quality of life consultation first if you wish so that you know there is categorically nothing which can be done to alleviate their suffering. Talk to us about the heartrending choice itself or about practicalities such as the cost of putting a dog to sleep or cat euthanasia costs - we know just as well as you do that these are things which need to be considered - at any time. Like you, we understand that thinking about practical aspects like dog euthanasia costs does not diminish the bond you have with your pet in any way.

Pet Pain Relief in Ipswich and Suffolk - Getting Your Companion the Care They Need

Deciding which pet pain relief approach or medication is right for your animal companion can be a tricky proposition. Not least because many breeds of dog, and particularly cats, will always try to hide that they are in pain at all. This is an evolutionary holdover from times when they might have found themselves being targeted as prey or competition if they showed any weakness. Unfortunately for you as a caring pet owner, this means your job of ensuring their well-being is just a little bit tougher... Luckily, we can help. You can call one of our friendly and experienced Mobile Vets to visit you in your own home. They will carry out a full pet quality of life consultation. This lets you know exactly how your animal family member is feeling and will always recommend the best way to improve their condition should they require it. As well as carefully selected medicinal pain relief for dogs and cats, our approach will often include sensible changes to their diet or exercise regimes. Simple non-medicinal changes like this can often have huge positive repercussions even for pets at the very end of their lives. Spotting changes which your pet might display as regards to their diet and exercise - changes from the norm - are also solid indications for you that your pet might be quietly suffering in the first place. It is at times like these when booking an in-home pet quality of life consultation is usually a good idea. You can ask us any questions you might have about pain relief for cats or dogs at any time over the phone. The person you speak to will be fully informed and very knowledgeable - not to mention being a pet owner or animal lover themselves who will fully understand how vital your pet's health is to your own wellbeing.

We Can Help With Fully Accredited Pet Cremation in Ipswich and Suffolk

Once the peaceful but still heartrending final journey of your animal companion is over, you will need to start planning what happens next. For many recently bereaved pet owners, this is next to impossible. Which is why we have extended the end of life care we provide to include fully accredited pet cremation. This means we can assist you when you need it most. After you have said your last goodbye, we gently and respectfully transport your pet to our local pet chapel of rest. Here, you will be able to choose a single or group animal cremation ceremony to meet your needs in terms of getting their ashes returned to you and budget. The group cat or dog cremation we offer is usually selected by people who need to prioritise the latter, but is also often chosen by those who wish to make sure their dearly departed animal family member has some company as they go. The solo dog or cat cremation which you can select is the choice for you if you want to have the ashes returned to you for later spreading. For more information about pet cremation costs or any other part of the process, please do get in touch with us whenever you feel you can face the conversation.

Peaceful Pet Euthanasia at Home

Pet Memorials in Ipswich and Suffolk Taking One Final Task Off Your Mind

Deciding how to remember animal members of your family who have passed on can be almost as challenging as watching them go. There are many options, but it can be difficult to find something which really speaks to the personality of your sadly departed companion. As animal lovers, many of whom have gone through the bereavement process ourselves, we know that often the last thing you will want to do be doing right now is spending time dwelling on their memory in anything other than a positive way. Giving you a way to avoid the need to shop around for items such as urns or pet marker stones is one small way in which we hope to contribute. For this reason, we have collected a small selection of pet memorial items which we hope you will find suitable. If you need to know anything more about our range, or you simply need to talk to someone who knows what you are going through, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always here to help you.

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