In-House Gentle Cat & Dog Euthanasia in Dartford DA from Cloud 9 Vets

Cat and Dog Euthanasia in Dartford For a Gentle End of Life

Every Vet we have is an animal lover themselves. They understand how important it is to ensure that you know your pet is getting the care they need, and that when the time finally comes, that caring cat or dog euthanasia in your home in Dartford is the approach which will give them the calmest and most loving goodbye.


Whether it is your cat, dog, rabbit or any other animal family member who has recently been diagnosed with a terminal condition or who has reached the end of their life, we can help. We provide gentle pet euthanasia in your home, so you do not need to subject your beloved pet to the stress of travel.

Getting Pet Euthanasia At Your Home in Dartford DA

Our many years of experience tell us that the gentle, peaceful drifting off that putting your dog to sleep at home provides is the best way to deal with a pet whose age or infirmities make their daily lives impossible to bear. You can be there to ensure that the dog or cat euthanasia process involves your pet being supported in a warm and loving home environment.

At Home Pet Euthanasia and End of Life Care Services

Cat and Dog Cremation in the Dartford area

After you have decided that putting your cat or dog down at home is the only way they will not suffer your options are a burial at home or cremation. When you choose the latter we have worked hard to make it as stress-free as possible. We will caringly take your pet away to our highly accredited Chapel of Rest, where you can attend the ceremony or have their ashes returned to you.

Pet Memorials in the Dartford area

After putting down a cat or dog you will want to begin the grieving and healing process. The effects of a pet passing should not be underestimated. We can connect you with local grief counsellors and have many options for creating a permanent memory your dearly departed pet, including stones, plaques and online memorials.

Discuss Your Pet's Health With an Expert

Talk to one of our Care Coordinators about your pet's health now. We are here to assist you 24 hours a day, any day. Questions about the process in general or straightforward queries such "how much does it cost to euthanize a dog?" Will be treated with equal weight and respect

Please do not hesitate to get in touch at whatever time is best for you. Postcodes / Cities Covered in the Dartford area: DA14 - Sidcup, DA15, DA16, DA17 - Belvedere, DA18 - Erith, DA2, DA4, DA5 - Bexley, DA6 - Bexleyheath, DA7, DA8, DA9

We are available to help you with home euthanasia for your pet

In order to safeguard you and our vets and to comply with Government regulations there are some requirements you should be aware of and agree to before we confirm your home visit:
1. If the gentle euthanasia is indoors, only one person can be present during the vet’s visit, other family or friends should say their goodbyes before the vet arrives at your home
2. There should, at all times, be a two meter distance between the family member and the vet.
3. Our process involves sedation, you will be able share closeness with your pet after the vet has given the sedative
4. If you are able to be in your own garden, this greatly reduces the risk of contagion and it may be possible to be more than one person to be with the vet, our vet will advise you.
5. We are doing all we can to ensure there is closeness, care and compassion during the gentle euthanasia home visit. A peaceful goodbye is so important at such a sensitive and emotional time
6. Thank you for your understanding and consideration in these very difficult and challenging times.