Say Goodbye On Your Terms With Pet Euthanasia At Home in Bradford

Like you, we understand our duty of care to our pets. The Cloud 9 Vets team are animal lovers. This means that we know the joy which comes from living life in the company of animals. It also means sadness when it is time for them to take their final journey. We support you by providing pet euthanasia at home, enabling you to care for your extremely ill or ageing pets when nothing more can be done for them. We have found that - for pets who have been diagnosed with a terminal condition or with no chance of living any quality of life - helping them say goodbye on their terms can be a blessing in disguise.


By having pet euthanasia in home you make sure that your animal companion gets to retain their comfort as much as possible. Your helpful and supportive home visit vet will arrive without drawing your pet's attention to themselves. They will start by examining your companion closely. This pet quality of life consultation ensures that there is no other recourse. We hope that it provides some small peace of mind when making the impossible, heartbreaking decision you are faced with.

It is important to remember that, when we do it, putting a dog down or putting a cat to sleep is a painless process. They can remain resting in their bed or another favoured spot. There is no shaving, even of any small areas of fur, while they are conscious - a small anaesthetic places them into a state of unconsciousness first. Only after this do we help them pass on.

We understand that you will have more questions - about everything from the procedure itself to cat euthanasia costs and the cost of putting a dog to sleep. Please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience if you need more information. You will be speaking to an understanding member of our advisory team - someone who has almost certainly gone through something like this before. Any questions you have, whether related to the process itself or to cat or dog euthanasia costs, are completely understandable and understood. In all respects, we are here to help and support you.

Pet Pain Relief in Bradford - With Optional In-Home Health Exam

There's no need for your pet to have to go through a stressful trip down to your local veterinary practice when they are sick or suffering. We are happy to send one of our friendly and caring home visit vets to come and visit you at any address you choose. As well as enabling us to then prescribe the best medicinal pet pain relief this also allows us to examine your pet's living and sleeping conditions and ask you about their diet and exercise regime. You might be surprised to find how simple changes to any of these can provide pain relief for dogs and cats.

All of the medicinal pain relief for cats and dogs which we prescribe is chosen from amongst the most effective options on the market. If you have any questions about these or any part of the care we provide, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Making Pet Cremation in Bradford a Peaceful Journey

You will find everything you need to guide your animal companion on their final journey at our fully accredited local pet chapel of rest. If you wish, you can also rely on us for the caring transportation of animal members of your family prior to any dog cremation or cat cremation ceremony taking place. Simply tell us where and when you need us to assist you.

Peaceful Pet Euthanasia at Home

Pet Cremation

It is important to remember that we offer both group and single animal cremation. The first option is usually chosen by those seeking to minimise pet cremation cost. The second allows you to have the fully accredited ashes of your sadly departed companion returned to you for spreading, perhaps in their favourite spot.

Find Pet Memorials in Bradford Without the Difficult Search

With more combined experience of the grieving process that follows the loss of an animal member of one's family than we like to think about, the Cloud 9 Vets team has been where you are. One of the things we have found in many cases is that having a physical remembrance of some kind is something which many people take comfort in after they have experienced loss.

That is why we have started to provide a range of pet memorials. These include urns and trays suitable for the storage and display of ashes, pet memorial marker stones and many others. If there is anything we can do to assist you, please do contact us. We are used to providing a sympathetic ear as well as advice on memorialisation.

Talk to Someone About Putting Down a Cat or Dog

We know that this can be an extremely difficult decision to make, which is why we make sure you are supported every step of the way. Talk to someone about the decision itself, arrange to have an examination of your pet carried out in your own home, or ask a question about practical aspects - such as how much does it cost to euthanize a dog.

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