Say Goodbye On Their Terms - Pet Euthanasia at Home in Nottingham

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Choosing when to say goodbye is always a heartbreaking personal decision. Even if you know that your animal companion's life is lived in daily pain and suffering. But, as a responsible and loving pet owner, you already know that thinking about what is right for them always comes first. It is for this reason that we provide pet euthanasia at home. One of our caring home visit vets can visit your home and carefully examine your pet to make sure that everything that can be done, is being done.


The kind of painless and non-stressful examination your pet undergoes has been a huge boon to other animal lovers in the same position as you - including members of our own team who have come face-to-face with the prospect of putting a dog down or putting a cat to sleep. Knowing that pet euthanasia in home is the only way to proceed can be at least some weight off of your mind. We prioritise the "in home" portion of this because, like you, we know that the environment in which they have known all of the happiness and love in their life makes for a much better place to say goodbye to your animal family member than the steel tables of your local veterinary clinic. You may also need to know and try to bear in mind that the process we use is entirely stress and pain-free for your animal companion. They will never be disturbed by your caring home visit Vet's visit and will feel only the tiniest pinprick of the initial injection. Call us and speak about any part of the procedure you are worried about. We are as used to discussing the cost of putting a dog to sleep and cat euthanasia costs as we are technical questions about the anaesthetic we use or general questions about pet quality of life consultations and comfort. For enquiries relating to dog euthanasia costs and all other areas, please do get in touch with us now.

Pet Pain Relief in Nottingham Can Be Easy to Provide

You might find that providing the right pet pain relief for your animal companion can be difficult without knowing more about their condition. That is why we are happy to provide a pet quality of life consultation - so that you can discover precisely what can be done to improve your pet's health and happiness, even when they are facing a serious medical condition or extreme age. We source the best pain relief for dogs and cats currently available, always making sure to prescribe non-medicinal treatments such as changes to their diet or exercise regime as well. You can discuss the most suitable pain relief for cats and dogs which you have in your care both by phone and by welcoming one of our caring home visit vets into your home at any time.

Pet Cremation in Nottingham - Making a Peaceful End to a Happy Life

Saying goodbye is never easy. But in the grounds of our restful local pet chapel of rest, you will at least find a kind of peace. We can collect and respectfully transport your dearly departed to our chapel before proving solo or group pet cremation in line with your wishes. Those who choose solo animal cremation can have their pet's accredited ashes returned to them. If you choose group cat cremation or dog cremation, you are very welcome to attend the joint ceremony for the spreading of the ashes which we will hold in the grounds of our chapel itself. Contact us now and you can discuss pet cremation costs and any other part of the process which you need assistance with at your convenience. We are ready to help you at all times.

Peaceful Pet Euthanasia at Home

Pet Memorials in Nottingham Made Simpler

At Cloud 9 Vets we are a team of animal lovers. This means that we enjoy the company of pets of all kinds, finding enrichment of life and joy in their company. But it also means that, like you, we sometimes have to come to terms with the loss of our beloved animal companions. At times like this, we have often searched for pet memorials which fit the memory of our adored feline and canine companions, feathered friends and other animal family members. Here we have gathered a small selection of the sort of items we have been looking for ourselves - urns for ashes pet memorial marker stones, and many others. If you need assistance sourcing a particular item, please do get in touch with us.

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