Pet euthanasia at home in Halifax - the final act of love

Putting a cat to sleep or putting a dog down can be an act full of love. No one wants their animal companion to suffer. So when there is nothing which can relieve their agony, pet euthanasia at home in Halifax is sometimes the only choice. Why at home?


Comfort. Peace and quiet. The familiar sights, sounds and smells which they have known for their entire lives. There are many reasons why pet euthanasia in the home is preferable to being in a veterinary surgery. First and foremost, you will not be causing your animal companion any extra suffering by forcing them into a container or car for a long trip. There will be no cold steel tables to endure. Or sounds of other poor animals in distress.


They can stay relaxed and as comfortable as they can be given their condition. You and any other members of their family can be there to hold their paw if you wish to. Or you can wait nearby if you find you cannot face it. Your Vet will give your companion a full pet quality of life examination before they proceed. We find, for many of our patients, that they are so distracted by their pain that they do not even notice that someone else is in their house. The examination will tell you that there is nothing more which can be done to alleviate their suffering. This is something which it may be good to be able to remind yourself of later down the line. All of the dog euthanasia and cat euthanasia that we provide is a two-stage process. The first involves a tiny injection of anaesthetic. This puts them to sleep and means they feel nothing as a larger injection of anaesthetic is applied. Particularly for cats, who can be uncooperative patients, and animals of all kinds who are far gone with pain, this sedation allows them to pass on peacefully. If you have any questions about putting a dog to sleep or saying goodbye to a feline friend, please do get in touch with a member of our understanding team.

Choose restful and easy pet cremation in Halifax

Saying goodbye to an animal member of your family is never easy. But with the right preparations, you can at least make sure that everything goes smoothly. Talk to any member of our understanding team about pet cremation. They can help you get the answers to any questions you might have. All of the dog cremation and cat cremation we do takes place at our local, fully accredited pet chapel of rest. You can choose from single or group ceremonies depending on your personal wishes, what you think they might have wanted and your budget. After a solo ceremony, you can request that their ashes be returned to you for spreading.

Peaceful Pet Euthanasia at Home

Locating the most loving pet memorials in Halifax

Make your pet memorials last as long as your memories will. You might be one of those people who is content with pictures and memories of the feelings of joy and happiness which your pet gave you throughout the lives you lived together. On the other hand, having a place to go to remember your dearly departed might be a key part of the healing process. You might also be searching for an attractive or characterful urn or tray to give them a place to rest. Having lost animal members of our own families, the Cloud9Vets teams are always glad to support you in locating the most suitable pet memorials. Get in touch with us if you need to find something in particular.

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