Say a Loving Goodbye With In-Home Pet Euthanasia in Canterbury

Sometimes the last present that you can give to your suffering pet is a gentle and easy way out. Whether it's extreme age or terminal illness which has led to your pet having to endure the unendurable, having the option to choose when you'll say goodbye to them can be priceless. The pain-free and gentle pet euthanasia we offer is the safe and simple way to make this happen.


The first thing is to invite one of our experienced and caring Mobile Vets around to your home so that they can meet with your pet. They'll assess their state of health and make sure that you know that there's nothing that can be done to further alleviate their pain. Next, you'll be able to assist your Vet in preparing a safe and comfortable space for your pet to recline in. This can be their own bed or some blankets placed on the floor as you prefer. They can be surrounded by their favorites sights and things, and you can be there at all times to hold their paw, or just so they can see you. Putting a dog to sleep or saying farewell to a cat happens through a two-stage process. The first step - a little bit of anesthetic which renders them unconscious - is all they feel. It's just a little pinch. The main injection follows after, and they simply won't be aware of it. There's no stress or discomfort on their part. The cost of putting a dog to sleep may vary depending on the breed, while cat euthanasia costs are relatively similar. In addition to talking to you about the bereavement process, or the actual process of putting a cat to sleep itself, the friendly adviser you'll speak to when you call can also advise you regarding any budgetary concerns you might have relating to cat or dog euthanasia costs.

Pet Pain Relief in Canterbury After Assessment by Experienced Vets

The correct pet pain relief for cats, in particular, can be difficult to determine. Cats still have that instinct leftover from life in the wild which tells them to conceal signs of pain from any predators which might be lurking around. This makes it difficult for even attentive owners to sometimes spot signs that their pet is in distress. It also makes it all the more vital that when you do notice signs that their appetite or the amount of exercise they take has dramatically changed, you get a professional assessment from an experienced Vet. In addition to prescribing pain relief for dogs and cats who you've noticed are in pain personally, we also provide palliative care, and medicine and treatment after terminal diagnosis as well. In all cases, we'll select the correct treatment for your pet after one of our helpful and knowledgeable Mobile Vets assesses their condition in person in your own home. The treatment that your pet will have prescribed may include both specific medicines for them to take as well as suggested changes to their diet, exercise regimen and environment. If there are some simple steps you can take to ease their quality of life outside of medicinal treatment, we believe it's always worthwhile. You can easily find out more about the pain relief for cats and dogs which we offer by getting in touch with us at any time. Every member of the Cloud 9 Vets team is a lover of animals and a pet owner themselves, so they'll be able to provide any advice which you might be looking for.

Pet Cremation in Canterbury Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

At our local pet chapel of rest, we have the perfect place for you to say goodbye to your dearly departed. The chapel is specifically adapted to meet the needs of pets and pet owners and even has some restful grounds where ashes can be spread after pet cremation has taken place. If you've chosen animal cremation to happen as part of a group of other pets, you'll be welcome to attend the ceremony we hold in the chapel grounds. If you've opted for a private service, you can have the ashes returned to you for spreading wherever you think your pet would appreciate it the most. All of the dog cremation and cat cremation we handle at our local chapel is fully accredited. If you need to find out more about how easy we make the process easy for you - as animal lovers ourselves we understand it's often the last thing that you'll want to be thinking about - or about pet cremation costs or other practicalities, we're always here to assist you.

At Home Pet Euthanasia

The Easy Way to Create Pet Memorials in Canterbury

How will you remember your pet? With love and fondness, certainly - but when it becomes time to put those feelings and memories down, sometimes literally in stone, it can be tricky to decide exactly what to say. You'll find that we've collected a nice selection of pet memorials, ranging from simple stone markers and plaques through to urns and trays for storing ashes. No matter what sort of memorialisation you had in mind, we'll almost certainly have something which meets your needs. If you wanted a specific type of pet memorial but can't immediately see it, please do still get in touch with us. As we're intimately familiar with the grieving process ourselves, we're just as happy to talk to you about the loss of your loved one as we are about creating a unique memorial.

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