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Dog Euthanasia Homepage Review



Maggie had a good and long life. She was the most cheerful dog in the world. Making the decision to end her life was very difficult for us. We took Maggie to two different vets before we were convinced that there was no other way. The second vet recommended in-home dog euthanasia and mentioned Cloud 9 Vets. We called them the next day and we had a very long talk over the phone with Lisbet. She answered all our questions and explained the procedure. We were assured that Maggie won’t feel any pain. Dr. Pippa Swan visited us on Thursday in the afternoon. I will always remember that day. Pippa was very kind and caring to Maggie and she reassured us that the procedure will be painless for her. We took our time to say goodbye to Maggie. I gave her a very long hug. It felt like time stopped for a moment. After that everything went very fast. A few moments later, Maggie was no longer with us. We put a memorial for her in our garden at her favourite spot. Thank you Dr. Pippa and Cloud 9 Vets for being there for us and Maggie.


by Kim on December 13, 2019

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