Your pet is a loving family member who no doubt gives and gets affection in equal measure. Certainly they have looked after you and provided much love and companionship. However, as they age, pets often need another type of care to ensure they continue to enjoy life. Finally, one day you may need to consider putting them to sleep in a gentle and loving way in your own home.

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At Cloud 9 Vets we focus exclusively on end of life care, making sure your pets are enjoying life to their full potential. Above all, our quality of life consultations give great comfort both to your pet, you and your family. So, if your pet is at the very end of its life, we work with dignity and respect to ensure that any goodbye is done under your conditions in your own home at a convenient time.

Additionally, we complement the services you receive from your local veterinary practice. So, in the autumn of your pet’s life, what better place to provide quality care, even euthanasia than your home?

Cloud 9 Vets has knowledgeable and sympathetic Care Coordinators available 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm to help you in a time of need. Importantly, we have nationwide teams of qualified Home Visit Vets with experience of end of life care.